How many times Motown

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How Many More Times bass idea Uploaded 4yr+12mo ago by CMAlexander

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CMAlexander   commented 4yr+12mo ago

I think I might have put this in the wrong area...if I did, I apologize. I sent you a file of this line in context and the line standing alone. Is this something like what you're looking for?


Scouser   commented 4yr+12mo ago

Hey Christopher, welcome, i'm sure your gonna do well here. Nice playing on the track thanks for your audition. Some lovely ideas. Will keep you posted. I have been working on something for the bass and what you did is very close to what I had in mind. When I get chance I will upload, maybe you could play it for me ?


CMAlexander   commented 4yr+12mo ago

I'd love to hear it!