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I want to co-write a simple male/female duet. As far as instruments go, I don't imagine much more than a guitar, and possibly some light accompanying bells or chimes between verses. This first first came to me, and I have a few ideas for other verses, but thought it might be fun to write it with someone. It's a soft, sweet and gentle song, and I'm looking for a female singer that fits in with that.

I'm imagining a back and forth duet between and boy and girl. The next verse should be somewhat of a response to the first verse, kind of from the "bird's" point of view. The boy in the song has happened to come across this pretty bird that sings a beautiful song, but she's too high up for the boy to get to. So far the lyrics sound somewhat literal, but they are also a metaphor for the boy finding a girl that he thinks is perfect, but he's not strong enough to be with her, even though he tries. Eventually (after and night and day) the boy gives up, thinking that the bird is too high up for him. So here is where I imagined the female vocals coming in and telling the next part of the story. Maybe she really wanted him to get up the tree? Maybe she is encouraging him? I see it being a love song that doesn't quite turn out the way you expect, so it will be melancholic, but maybe a little hopeful as well.


1st verse so far:

Little bird.

With the prettiest song I've heard.

Nested in memory.

High up in the tallest tree.

How I wish I had the strength to climb to you.

Oh, I do.



Most beautiful bird I've seen.

Waited all night and day.

Til I gave up and she flew away.

How I wish I could recall a time I knew,

what to do.

But I can't.

So I'll just fly away too.


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Genre Contemporary Singer/Songwriter acoustic bells duet male/female soft

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