3 Times Funk

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Kompoz 3 Times Slowmod s Master Uploaded 2yr+5mo ago by slowmod

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slowmod   commented 2yr+5mo ago

Hope you enjoy... but i ask for criticism. ;-)

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KimNobleMusic   commented 2yr+5mo ago

Hi Pirmin! WOW! Fantastic!! I know I'm a manager on this project but I'll wait until Mikael has had a chance to check in... it may be a bit but I think he tries to pop in as soon as he's able!! hahahaa, this project is SUCH GREAT MEMORIES!! :) Thanks for doing this!! :)


Fretnoises   commented 2yr+5mo ago

This sounds awesome to me. Really good job! :)


Fretnoises   commented 2yr+5mo ago

My only suggestion at this point would be cut some bass if the add at 1:06