Burton's Dream Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Creative Brief

"Eternal Morrows make our Day;
   our Is is aye to be till when
Night closes in; tis all a dream,
   and yet we die, and then and THEN?"

"There is no God, no man-made God;
   a bigger, stronger, crueller man;
Black phantom of our baby-fears,
   ere Thought, the life of Life, began."

"The marvel is that man can smile
   dreaming his ghostly ghastly dream;
Better the heedless atomy
   that buzzes in the morning beam!"

 - THE KASĪDAH OF HĀJĪ ABDŪ EL-YEZDĪ (Sir Richard Francis Burton)


This is an symphonic prog metal piece in 7/8. As it stands it's an instrumental, but I'd very much be open to singing - if you are interested, hit me up and I'll edit things to create sections for singing - the form actually does support the idea.

If anyone wants sheet music / lead sheet for a part, just ask: I have most of it done already.

The tracking mixes also have markers in them with the form details.

If anyone wants a map for the accelerando, likewise ask.

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Genre Prog-Rock/Art Rock Key E flat minor BPM 80.0 7/8 Arabic Metal Symphonic

Collaboration started February 11, 2015 by sriracha
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