Short Stop Crossover Jazz

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This tune popped into my head a couple of days ago and I haven't been able to shake it.... basically the head's around a CM7b5 - the comping in the middle of the head is: A-7,Bb13,A-7,D9,D-7 - G7,CM7 - FM7,Fm7-Bb7,EbM,D7-Db7,C7 ......the solo section is over a blues - on the second time to the IV7 (measure 5) chord it changes to chromatically decending minor 7 chords heading back to the IM7b5..... (IVm7,IIIm7,bIIIm7,IIm7,V,IM7b5) with the occasional Coltrane sub on the II,V,Ib7(Dm7,EbM7,AbM7,B7,EM7,G7,CM7b5)- if that makes any sense. Or whatever you feel (hear). For the musically literate sorry about inharmonic spelling or theoretical ignorance....... if you have questions or just want to express how wrong this is shoot me an email.....soloists - loop the chorus and solo till your tired and upload the whole thing....don't be limited by the form. Open for all.....

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Genre Crossover Jazz Key C major BPM 120.0 - -Bill -Coltrane -blues Ari Ellis Gyatso Honenig John Joshua Monk Muller Redmon- Sco Stewart Tenzin swamp

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