St. Patty's Day (Better Vocal - Better Guitar) Celtic Folk

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stpattysdayvoc1 Uploaded 5yr+5mo ago by tychypyha

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tychypyha   commented 5yr+5mo ago

i noticed the chorus and ending collab after i uploaded this, I'm finding it hard to time it out because it has no music to it. once its actually in the song i could do it then. haha, good times.


songswithhooks   commented 5yr+5mo ago

That's okay. Sounds great!


tychypyha   commented 5yr+5mo ago

who wrote/sang this song? It is brilliantly put together. I would love to have a night out with patty okeef and mr 0shea. This is actually my first ever accepted project, maybe there is a market for drunk simulation singing. I think it was the wooo. I'm going to get typecast.