Your Ordinary Dreams / Everyday Things Contemporary Singer/Songwriter

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Creative Brief

Thanks Michael,  but First off.... SORRY.  This is NOT THE spinoff I promised you.  I will be creating that shortly, this was just a Ballad By Product.  It just worked for me, and once again i wasn't really planning to upload or even share it.  Second, Thank You.  Your melody is brilliant, and it was a joy to work with, and bend it around a bit too :)  I know its kinda sad, but wait it out, i think the ends is worth the wait.  

Obviously this is a rough track.  You can hear my weighted keyboard banging away in the vocal track, but it was just thrown together and what came out was more than i expected.  

Michael, if you want to do the vocals for this, id be pretty happy about it, but if you don't like it, well thats cool too.  

Not sure what to add, other than a MUCH better orchestra arrangement.  Anyone with VSL or SPITFIRE or something similar, by all means let me know and ill post up a track that marches to a click, and we can do it up right.  



Your Ordinary Dreams



those stupid dream inside you head

left you earth bound

left you feeling close to dead

cuz you build your castles floating in the sky

and still cant find a way to get inside


and its the hope that hurts you most

wont let you sleep,

or give up the ghost

yet / nothing that you try gets off the ground

and your / to far away from home to turn around



but not all the dreams your gonna dream are gonna happen

and there will be times your gonna feel all alone

maybe the hurt that it bring, will help you to change

you feel others hurt, without word being spoken

you love people deep, cuz love heal heart that are broken 

and you finaly understand that life is far more than it seem

and your ordiary dreams



try to make the most of it / you can fake it for a bit

update your facebook, try not to admit

you lie and make it seem like your alright 

snapping selfies from the bleachers of your life 


but take a really good look around

your not the only one whos broke and camping out

i know it feel like its a big fork in the road

niether way is who youd ever thought youd go 




but not all the dreams your gonna dream are gonna happen

and there will be times your gonna feel all alone

maybe the hurt that it bring, will help you to change

till you youll walk through you life, with a hear thats wide open

embracing the change , even when you feel broken

and you finally understand, that your life is far more than it seems and your  ordinary dreams




 you dont have to know the outcome

to outline all your fears in chalk

life makes vagabonds of everyone

it makes it easier to walk

so take my hand


lets run

lets run

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Genre Contemporary Singer/Songwriter Key C major

Collaboration started February 27, 2015 by MarkOates
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