Sing It Again Pop/Rock

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Sing It Again - FINAL MIX - 2016-05-09 Uploaded 21 days ago by stoman

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stoman   commented 21 days ago

Wow - looks like it took 2 years for me to realize that I never uploaded the final mix.

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SpinDizzy   commented 21 days ago

Better late than never. Always liked this tune. Great job by all!

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LockRobster63   commented 21 days ago

Still one of my all-time favorites!

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stoman   commented 21 days ago

This is one of the few songs where everything fits together very nicely, even though everybody played their parts at a different time and in a difference place. You, Mark & Robert, were a fundamental part of the success! :)

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KimNobleMusic   commented 19 days ago

awwwww.... Mark and Rob.... sniffles sniffles!! Miss this band!!! Sounds lovely, German Robot---BLEEP DANKE CLICK!! :)