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Home Run Blues-Rock

Started by bjorn, © All Rights Reserved 2008



Creative Brief

"These go to 11", the man said. And so they do.

The currently featured mix has:

Bjorn - Acoustic and Electric Rhythm Guitar
Eric - Drums
Sid - Bass
Matt - Lead Guitar
Lonnie - Vocals and lyrics

This tune is dedicated to two very fine drummers and good friends; Scott and Eric, who almost fell over each other in showing the other drummer respect and not wanting to step on toes. If half the world was that humble and respectful, there would be no wars :). Most of all, it proves to me that you don't have to be a jerk to be a world-class musician.

So, the featured mix does not include these two very good contributions:

Scott - Drums
Rick - Vocals and lyrics (seps missing)

Additional Information

Genre Blues-Rock Key A major BPM 210.0 11 go these to

Collaboration started August 15, 2008 by bjorn
Last upload 11yr+6mo ago

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Copyright © 2008 by bjorn, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Aug 15, 2008

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bjorn Bjorn Pehrson
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ericlives Eric Bennett
Pleasanton Ca USA
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