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Dayjob Vu Fusion

Started by MDK, © All Rights Reserved 2008



Creative Brief

Dyjob vu is the feeling that you are doing the same thing every day for less money.

Recently I was rummaging through some books at a used furniture store and found a music book of preludes by Claude Debussy. Looking at the music, I thought "this guy was a freak!" NOBODY can play this stuff at the tempos indicated in the music. So I slowed it down and it became much like jazz-fusion.

I also discovered that Debussy's preludes (and I assume all the rest of his works) are public domain.

The piano part in this song is a literal transcription of Debussy's Les fes sont d'exquises danseuses slowed way down so normal folks can appreciate the weird chordal structures and freaky rhythms.

It can use anything your creative minds can add. The time signature is 3/8 throughout the piece, however there are some quintuplet figures which may make you think Frank Zappa just walked in on this session.

MDK - Piano, bass and drum programming (initial version)
Fuzz - drums (current featured mix)
Lonnie - Vocals
Billy - Percussion, editing, special effects (version 2)

Additional Information

Genre Fusion BPM 64.0

Collaboration started September 24, 2008 by MDK
Last upload 11yr+11mo ago

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Initial Copyright Statement:

Copyright © 2008 by MDK, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Sep 24, 2008

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MDK Sven-Martin Keil
Jacksonville NC USA
billy Bill Howe
Lonnie Lonnie Wilson
Bakersfield CA USA
fUzZ david perreko
canarias Spain