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Spotlight Production Mix 88BPM 02 13 2017 Uploaded 3yr+4mo ago by CoryFrey

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CoryFrey   commented 3yr+4mo ago

Hi guys. Cleaning up my mix a bit.

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liljoe6string   commented 3yr+4mo ago

simply brilliant Cory!! yur a master!!

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RottGold   commented 3yr+4mo ago

Really coming together, sounds great!

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CoryFrey   commented 3yr+4mo ago

It's a good song. Glad you guys like it. Usually at this stage I can whip up a few more mixes to quell the "more me" feeling if anyone is having it. Mixes such as vocal up/dn. Guitars up/dn. Drums up/dn. Keys up/dn. Mixes like that. Of course if you like this one then less is easier. I am happy to cook some alternates up though.

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liljoe6string   commented 3yr+3mo ago

Personally i like this mix alot~~ its seductive all the way thru...brings u in~ then then just when it eases the tension... the ending verse crushes it.. and then the final release... i think everything is placed very well..vox sound amazing/great bed job.... only suggestion.... The drums in the first section(0-130)/would be interesting to hear a lil over enhanced low, mid low, mid eq on it just to add a hint of beef to the hight end.. I know those freq dont live there sure a few lower hz's are hiding there.... (: would be interesting.. Dont forget to post what ever seps u got mix seps/ sep seps.. what ever... def want DConcept to throw some ideas up... And def post a low DB (non sweet) version of this/ CD may want to use this for a sweetening run... Wonderful job!! u nailed it.. thnks bud

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fresh727   commented 3yr+3mo ago

Nice mix here! Fluid and just feels good. I like the EQ on my captured the smooth and intimate vibe I was aiming for... Great job!

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CoryFrey   commented 3yr+3mo ago

Thank you.