It's Like That Funk

Started by mikeecarruth, © All Rights Reserved 2015



Its Like That - Latest Mix With Sax And Guitar Uploaded 5yr+6mo ago by mikeecarruth

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DocDaFunk   commented 5yr+6mo ago

Terrific track! Make me think of my favourite Brazillian funk band : Farofa Carioca!!

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RGBass   commented 5yr+5mo ago

hey now.. thats is on a new level! Mike it transformed wonderfully so far


mikeecarruth   commented 5yr+5mo ago

Appreciate that Rob. Many thanks for your excellent bass work. I've been pretty busy with work the last few weeks and I'm in the process of getting my gear right again but should be back on kompoz real soon.

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RGBass   commented 5yr+5mo ago

I've been there.It is always a joyous moment when you get your system and workflow dialled in 100%. Catch ya soon on another OK:)