The battle for my heart (Spin-Off) Metal

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The Batte For My Heart Mix Uploaded 5yr+6mo ago by TSofT

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TSofT   commented 5yr+6mo ago

Version 2, now with guitar solo after 4:20.


FaithFilledFemme   commented 5yr+6mo ago

Very cool! Love the guitar solo!


EmptyGlass   commented 4yr+12mo ago

You're a genius, Robert, this is brilliant and as usual a fantastic mix too. The delayed vocals at the end, is that with a delay, or have you used a copied track slightly delayed? I can never get delays right, so I sing thm twice and delay it. Great lyrics too. Kate your voice is perfect for this and fantastic. And this is the first track on your profile, that's why I played it, it's brilliant. Not a bad start, was it?


KateWilson   commented 4yr+12mo ago

Thanks for listening Paul. I'm glad you liked it! :) I like this version too. Robert did a fantastic job! I think Amy had the idea and wrote the lovely lyrics :)


EmptyGlass   commented 4yr+12mo ago

I wrote a song one morning, just a simple one. I came home and Robert had recorded drums, bass, guitars and drums and put my vocals in. I've not touched it since. Amazing. I really can't believe what happened to you and don't think it is right at all. I think you should name and shame to stop people working for him/her. Does he/she do it to everyone? I know you won't and I respect that.