13 WayZ to DiE Metal

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13 WayZ to DiE Uploaded 4yr+6mo ago by UnderGunnedProductions

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UnderGunnedProductions   commented 4yr+6mo ago

Here is a new mix and better vocal comp and mix of all three of us 3 psychos on the loose!


HeavyHeadDynasty   commented 4yr+6mo ago

thumbs up


JennyK   commented 4yr+6mo ago

Agree. Nice! :D

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ChrystalKafka   commented 3yr+11mo ago

Okay you guys! Admittedly this is not my style of music BUT there's so much about this that I think is freaking clever. Starting with a female voc screaming death metal. Thats the genre? That's a first for me. Loved it miss J. And then the police rap in the middle. Genius. Super impressed with the creativity and production values of the mix. And it seems like you had a lot of fun doing it. I don't know why there aren't more comments. Maybe I'm loading mine in the wrong place. Anyway, Congrats, dear psychos, Great work.


HeavyHeadDynasty   commented 3yr+11mo ago

Thanks So much Chrystal. Two of the three of us have left the site, due to its Bias nature. not to mention theres only about 5 metal heads on the site. if you wanna check out more of this band we are on www.heavyheaddynasty.com we are #1 on Reverbnation.com/heavyheaddynasty. again, thank you for your positive comment it really means alot to me. AsH

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ChrystalKafka   commented 3yr+11mo ago

Hi Ash, Sorry for delay. I wish your cohorts had stayed. I know it can feel lonely here. Invisible. But like this collab, it can be so intimate and brilliant too. Love-hate. Angst. As cx238 wrote in community stream today. All excellent kindling for new material. ;) I'll check out your link ASAP.