What Is The Future Adult Contemporary

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Downmix 0.75, new ending Uploaded 7yr+7mo ago by m3roadworx

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m3roadworx   commented 7yr+7mo ago

Compared to 0.70: new ending. Fast-forward to 3:30 to hear the changes. If there is something you would like me to modify please tell me. I am going to leave this for now and shift my focus to the mellow version.

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KimNobleMusic   commented 7yr+3mo ago

Fantastic, Ole!! :) :) You are amazing!! Golly, it seems like forever, my friend!! I feel like I owe you multiple projects--I'm so sorry!! :) :) I very much hope you're well--and hope we can pick it up soon!! I know you're always in high demand!! :) :) Chat soon! :)


noratio   commented 4yr+9mo ago

this is a great track mates!


markdeckard   commented 4yr+9mo ago

Aw man i love this track. KIM!! You are velvet baby!