This Time It's Over Metal

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This Time It's Over Uploaded 11yr+8mo ago by MDK

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neticous   commented 11yr+8mo ago

Wow Marty very cool. Rudy usage is great.


bjorn   commented 11yr+8mo ago

Top notch as per usual! This is a very nice pop-metal hybrid. I promise to not submit vocals for it :). There is too little harmony guitar heard these days! Rock On B

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Lonnie   commented 11yr+8mo ago


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jchalp   commented 11yr+8mo ago

Nice... I like the harmony.


BillOnGuitar   commented 11yr+7mo ago

Very nice!


scorp1on   commented 11yr+7mo ago

Nice work! I thought I was having aural déjà vu until I read the front page. I remember hearing Cary's original and digging it then.

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AviRosenfeld   commented 11yr+6mo ago

cool song. very nice guitar tone.

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sanger   commented 6yr+6mo ago

just listened on the Facebookthingy - Sa Weet!


Abstract   commented 6yr+4mo ago

Very Cool Track :o)

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GearSlut   commented 6yr+3mo ago

Holy $hit - this is outstanding. Do you mind me asking about how the drums were done?

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MDK   commented 6yr+3mo ago

I programmed the MIDI and used Sonic Implants Blue Jay Drums soundfont.


Staffan   commented 5yr+3mo ago

Great tune guys!