Sorry Babe Chicago Blues

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Sorry Babe mixdown with Sax Uploaded 5yr+9mo ago by dmitrysbor

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AliceLeonz   commented 5yr+9mo ago

Hi Dmitry, thank you very much for jamming with us, cool idea...we actually already have Tim on sax, but let's wait for Nico to check this track, and maybe he have an idea ....I can't decide it because this song actually not only my song , but Nico's.. Thank you very much for giving your time, and bless this track with your talent, we really appreciate it...


dmitrysbor   commented 5yr+9mo ago

Sure. I see. It doesn't matter which solo you choose. It was pleasure for me to practice and play over this blues. Thanks Alice.


AliceLeonz   commented 5yr+9mo ago

Thank you very much Dmitsry, sorry if i just can get back at you today,,,, i just slowly back to kompoz, thank you very much once again...and have a wonderful day :)