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Moog idea Uploaded 11yr+3mo ago by rcassent

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onemomentspeace   commented 11yr+3mo ago

Very good Rich! I'm lovin this!

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FIGSOUNDS   commented 11yr+3mo ago

Man Oh Man Oh Man !!!!!!! Oh Man Oh Man !!!!!! You are The Master !!!!!!!!

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rcassent   commented 11yr+3mo ago

you are too funny! i am shaking cobwebs when it comes to solo's anymore. if you want to use a few portions of the tracks and merge them with bernard, let me know and i will post seps. if not, it was fun - thanks for the enjoyment


bkunrath   commented 11yr+3mo ago

Rich - You're a virtuosos! Thanks for that contribution to GeeFunk and yes please upoad the seps. Ciao, Bernd


TurquoiseRose   commented 11yr+3mo ago

OOOH LALALALA...Makes me want to Boogie!!!! GREAT song, super sound Rich.


no-Zart   commented 11yr+3mo ago

The first :35 is good baby makin music - and just enough time too!!


xan   commented 11yr+3mo ago

MOOG MOOG MOOGIE! I love. Great solo.


SirWillyDS12   commented 11yr+3mo ago

Very nice Rich... Bill