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red forest electric rough Uploaded 5yr+1mo ago by Matthew-Stephen

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Matthew-Stephen   commented 5yr+1mo ago

Vera, the beeping in the beginning came from a Geiger counter I rented in Kiev for $10. The sound is me holding it up to reactor #4 at Chernobyl. I got three songs out of that trip.

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JustVera   commented 5yr+1mo ago

Hi Matthew, I don't know about the other two songs, but Red forest most probably is my favourite;-). Hats off to all of the tasteful choices you made. Just awesome. Love to hear your final -electric- version... rgrdshans


Matthew-Stephen   commented 5yr+1mo ago

Thanks Vera. The electric version is with drum machines - more in keeping with your original sketch. The other version has live recorded drums. My other songs I'm going to post on bandcamp and not here. I'll send you a link when they're up.