Freedom from Insanity (Was: Hard 'n Heavy) Hard Rock

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Guitar Solo (demo v1) Uploaded 4yr+10mo ago by marcelosz

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marcelosz   commented 4yr+10mo ago

Well... here it is... Hope you like it!!!! Maybe when we have complete vocals recorded I can re-record this, and add some lead guitar embellishments here and there throughout the song. Nice to work with you, mate!


Erwinew   commented 4yr+10mo ago

Thank you very much, Marcelosz! Awesome guitar solo! Your timing is very good and I also like the sound which is perfect for this song. :-) Do you want to record this? Isn't it good enough? Lol. A DI/wet track is appreciated to mix the song. I'll upload my sep tracks soon. Yes, very nice collaboration. Creating music v2.0.


marcelosz   commented 4yr+10mo ago

Thanks for accepting it! Well then, I'll upload the wet and dry seps. :-)