MNO Arena Rock

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MNO simple recording 18 01 16 Uploaded 4yr+3mo ago by ThereseJ

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ThereseJ   commented 4yr+3mo ago

Here is my idea for this song :) Cheers Therese


svenpete   commented 4yr+3mo ago

I love it! So glad to have vocals on this. I always thought it had potential. Perfect melodies you sing on this. I guess we can get Dan to help us with a final mix on this too. Peter


ThereseJ   commented 4yr+3mo ago

Great, glad you liked this too! :)


svenpete   commented 4yr+2mo ago

Oh, can you type out the lyrics too when you have time.

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DantheMan   commented 4yr+3mo ago

Hi, cool song. I will probably need seps of all the music as well if you'd like a full mix or I could just mix with this music track if you want me to try that. Same for the other song. This is great!