Sunday of an immortally beloved rose High Classical

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mix Sunday of an immortally beloved rose Uploaded 5yr+1mo ago by antonklinkt

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selaperforms   commented 5yr+2mo ago

wow! Its such a Joy to hear the violin intergrated Thank you so so much Anton just wow I wonder what Gustavo will think once he hears this wonderful merge. Much appreciated


Mack   commented 5yr+2mo ago

Beautifull :)


xvpusw   commented 5yr+2mo ago

Sounds amazing.


chusman10   commented 5yr+1mo ago

Great job, thanks antonklinkt

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gala15704   commented 5yr+1mo ago

Great job having you together :) love it :)

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BrotherRat   commented 4yr+3mo ago

Wow .. I never heard this ... just wow! Sela!!!

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liljoe6string   commented 4yr+3mo ago

sela's voice is a true instrument... she doesnt just sing she jamz!! i luv it great piece of music

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LiamB   commented 4yr+3mo ago

This is really beautiful