Blue Roses Contemporary Country

  Spin-off   Spun by Buttercup



Blue roses Uploaded 4yr+4mo ago by Buttercup

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Buttercup   commented 1yr+3mo ago

I revisited this old song as I felt my original vocal melody and singing was absolutely awful in comparison with what I feel I can do today. Hopefully it sounds better! I only had the bass, cello, guitar and Pascal's piano in my very old ProTools session so I might have to import some of the other stuff too. Best wishes, Christine

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SUEBEE   commented 1yr+3mo ago

Lovely Christine. Isn't Kompoz a wonderful place to visit past accomplishments and renew them?!?!

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Buttercup   commented 1yr+2mo ago

It sure is Sue! :)

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DonnieAlan   commented 1yr+3mo ago

Christine. Glad to see there's a fellow Pro Tools user around! I never heard the old version, but these new vocals sound terrific. The emotion really comes through your voice, and for a song like this, that's so important. Whenever I've produced for someone I always tell the singer that, unlike a stage performance, in the studio you have ONLY your voice to tell the story. So every nuance of emotion has to come through just your voice. You've achieved that in spades on this track!

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Buttercup   commented 1yr+2mo ago

Thank you so much Donnie!