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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
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Lyrics:   It's too soon to think myself in love But I wonder if what I'm feeling is the fall Like going to sleep, gradually, I'm changing state So easily, I can feel it slowly happening Oooh I want your love I think our silence says it all Oooh I want it all The look in my eyes should tell you that You've got me feeling something right where my heart is pumping You've got me feeling something And the feeling's growing strong The feeling's growing strong Things are growing strong   Used to be I was afraid of this That'd we'd get close, I'd get scared, I would leave you in the dust But girl, the fall is coming the fall is coming the fall As we fall asleep I look at you, you dream I've never felt such peace I'm not leaving, I'm not leaving   Oooh I want your love I think the quiet says it all Oooh I want it all It didn't take you long but   You've got me feeling something It's good to know my heart it functions I had thought it was somehow broken But I guess I was just with the wrong person   Ooh the fall, you've got me all, vulnerable In this fall But with you, boy, everything feels new, I  Will that that fear and leave it here As we move forward   And in the middle of our repose I have never felt this close Oh, girl the fall is coming, the fall is coming the fall I fall back to sleep, with your arms cradling me It's so easy, it's so easy   Because I feel so safe here You make me happy And when we spend nights alone I get to know you're missing me   Ooh I want your love Ooh I want it all You've got me feeling, oh I love, I love, I love this feeling You've got me feeling And I'm not leaving, I'm not leaving     The vocals I attached should guide most of the ideas submitted! I'm just looking for drums and piano or anything that you all might think sounds good with this song. Thanks!

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Genre Adult Contemporary BPM 68.0

Collaboration started September 12, 2015 by brimur
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