I'm On My Way Pop/Rock

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Im On My Way - Final Mix Candidate Uploaded 1yr+3mo ago by stoman

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stoman   commented 8mo+10dy ago

A little update.

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LockRobster63   commented 8mo+10dy ago


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KimNobleMusic   commented 8mo+9dy ago

EEK!! I miss thee Rob--how be you!!??? I just got back from New Orleans (for an all-girls weekend) and met two VERY VERY cool peeps (a married couple) from Austin. I played it "cool" and didn't ask if they knew you--hahaha! but they are triathlon runners (met them in a N'awlins Starbucks) and we talked about "hanging" in Austin one day!! :) HUGS Friend!! :)

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LockRobster63   commented 8mo+9dy ago

Your Austin tour guide awaiteth, m'lady. ;-) I know just where to take you to get you set up with boots, hat, and belt buckle! Yee haw!!

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KimNobleMusic   commented 8mo+9dy ago

hahaahaha!! Yee Haw is RIGHT ON!! :) I'll look forward to it!! I only subscribe to 10 gallon hats or larger.. so I'm looking forward to it!! :) Giddyup!! :)