Freedom (Lyrics by BKW) Pop/Rock

Started by ARA9, © All Rights Reserved 2015



Freedom Mix 3 (Alan+Jean+Chris+Phil) Uploaded 1yr+7mo ago by F1lou

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F1lou   commented 1yr+7mo ago

So here is the last mix with all. But Alan this song deserves a real mix by someone with this skill. I've seen you uploaded all the tracks and that's fine . Now I think you should find someone on Kompoz who can do a real mix (cleaning each track, equalization etc.) And after that you will need a mastering. Good luck my friend you are a great singer and songwriter ! i will invite you soon to sing a song on my project ;-)


ARA9   commented 1yr+7mo ago

Thanks Phillipe! Sounds pretty darn good to me, if a little crowded towards the end (but I guess that's where an engineer comes in). Thanks for all your work on this, and your kind words :-) Regards A