You Said Singer/Songwriter

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You Said Slackjaw Mix Uploaded 2 months ago by Slackjaw1

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Slackjaw1   commented 8mo+12dy ago

I know this ones been on here a while but I always kind of liked it and was playing around with some EQing and effects and such and thought I'd share the result. Good tune.

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gudardo   commented 2 months ago

Yes. I've been out for a while. But I'm back now and will try to finish this nice song. Thank you for Your help. This sounds very good!


ODEKK   commented 8 days ago

gudardo, what DAW is this mixed in?


Slackjaw1   commented 7 days ago

Hi Odek. This particular version was mixed on Protools 10. Just out of curiosity, why do you ask?


ODEKK   commented 7 days ago

I liked this song enough to think I might like to try and make a positive impact on mixing, if it was an easy process. (ie. if it was already in Logic, my DAW of choice.) Thanks! Nice song.


Slackjaw1   commented 6 days ago

Well its pretty easy to pull the files into any DAW I think. I use a few different ones and they all seem to import pretty seamlessly. Hope you do. Would love to hear it. I like this song too.