Dangerous Liaisons Original Score

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Creative Brief

Hi there,

A completed song, but I'm not happy with my vocals in it which are very one-dimensional.  So looking to re-do.  Unfortunately Lee Jennings who did an excellent job producing this for me (and did the guitar and bass and a lot of other stuff) hasn't got the seps anymore, so we need to do it from scratch.


What a surprise, dim chords!

Verses & Chorus: Am,Bbdim,E.Am,F,G,Am

Lead In: Am.B half dim, C,Dm - just going up in steps on the white notes...

Break piano just goes up from Am to Am6, through Am+5... just like a real bondy!!!

There is also an Am(major 7) just before the tune goes nuts.  (So Am with G#)

At the end, the everything is supposed to do the Am, B half dim, C, Dm, then Eb maj, E maj, Ab maj, A maj 




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Genre Original Score Key A minor BPM 80.0 Bond James

Collaboration started November 11, 2015 by ARA9
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