Take This Planet Contemporary Folk

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Take This Planet - featuring SM37 the wonder-robot Uploaded 10yr+4mo ago by MDK

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MDK   commented 10yr+4mo ago

Danger, Will Robinson.


Dez   commented 10yr+4mo ago

Good googely moogely.. Why no comments.. this one ROCKED AND ROLLED.. Love the smart assed robo comments. "Does not compute" heck yeah I was wondering the very same thing when I recorded my version, like.. 'corn-bread what you say!?' I seriously laughed mah head off, so all five thumbs up and a screwdriver to you too. :D /D


soundflow   commented 10yr+3mo ago


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Lonnie   commented 10yr+3mo ago

It slipped under my radar, must have been those antigravity speicial tires on the SM37, they are so quiet and stealthy. That SM, he's such a wacky guy. Did I ever tell you about the time he'd had too much to process and fell inebriated into the pool and came up with a bikini top in his output circuit? What a character. He takes the googlimoogli name in vain in the church of appliantology and ticks off the toasters.

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Sid   commented 10yr+1mo ago

LMAO! This slipped under my radar too. Quite excellent!

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Mozartemis   commented 9yr+13mo ago

Too funny, MDK. Totally computed! Congrats on 3rd place!


Brannon   commented 9yr+13mo ago

Well I had to break down and listen to a few project entries. I'll start and end with this one. Take this capacitor!

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MDK   commented 9yr+13mo ago

15uF, 600V.


DoctorCube   commented 9yr+13mo ago