Pick it up & Roll, A Mouse's Dream Chinese Alt

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PIC N ROLL MOUSE DREAM MASTER 2 Uploaded 2yr+2mo ago by xterrabill

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xterrabill   commented 2yr+3mo ago

this is a little more clear than my first attempt earlier today (that was not clear it sounded muffled so I archived it). I had better luck with the eq in audacity LOL then the one in my cakewalk software. too bad its a mp3....I will keep trying.


xvpusw   commented 10mo+13dy ago

I still say we should sell this to Disney.


screamindemon   commented 5mo+14dy ago

this is good. it's descriptive mood music. I have tons of stuff like this. using music to paint a very specific picture! I dig it. yes sell it to Disney. if you become a millionaire don't forget us little guys