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Rough Bass Try 1 Uploaded 4yr+10mo ago by adamgX

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adamgX   commented 4yr+10mo ago

Just a very quick go at some steady bass that would just sit in the mix, it's just one take with a few ideas in there so if you like it I would redo the track so what i'm playing matches the keys and guitar a bit more. Alternatively if you want something a bit less steady and bit more out there I can go for that, but I thought maybe the guitar is creating the interest and the bass just needs to sit between the drums and the keys on this one.

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liljoe6string   commented 4yr+10mo ago


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peterrand   commented 4yr+10mo ago

Great! Thanks very much for this..!

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adamgX   commented 4yr+10mo ago

Sounds like it's worth doing a better take and a sep for it then, I'll do that when I get chance. I forgot to say nice work to you both as well - nice work! :)