Little Cojo (Sattler/Porat) - Michael Wilferd Version Rock & Roll

  Spin-off   Spun by mwilferd1



Creative Brief

Lyrics: Joel Sattler

Music: Lior Porat

Gil Katzir (Guitars)

Picture by: Ryan Mcguire



Little Cojo



[Am]Have you seen my little [D]baby  

[G]seen her knocking at my [Bm]door  

[Em]tell me true it isn't [Am]funny  

[D]is she dancing on the floor ?  


[Am]Have you seen the way she [D]kissed me

[G]I was knocked out of my [Bm]socks

[Em]that was for we had a [Am]his'try  

[A7]and she put me in a [D]box   


[Am]Have you seen my little [D]Cojo

[G]what you are I do not [Bm]care  

[F]you don't have to work your [Am]mojo  

[A7]work that magic [D]anywhere 


* [Em]Baby... [C7]She made her [G]move

  [C7]have you seen my little [D]honey  

  [G]Dude.. [C7]gimme the[G]news

  [A7]cause I gave her all my [D]money   


[Am]have you seen my little [D]Crazy

[G]heard she's spending all my [Bm]cash

[F]oh I hope my upsy-[Am]daisy 

[A7]isn't doing something [D]rash  


[Am]now I'm looking for my [D]sweetie  

[G]she run off I don't know [Bm]where  

[F]saw her name writ in [Am]graffiti  

[A7]left me hanging in [D]midair   


* [Em]Baby... [C7]She made her [G]move

  [C7]have you seen my little [D]honey  

  [G]Dude.. [C7]gimme the[G]news

  [A7]cause she ran with all my [D]money


alt vers:

have you seen my little wild one 

she could never play it cool 

but she still is just a child though 

she did play me for a fool 





i have a tune and no lyrics. (actually  i have lyrics but they are not interesting and not good enough).

So for those who havent work with me yet, i am pretty slow and picky and work on every note 100 times before it is finalized, so please be patient with me :)


i attached a rough demo of me singing some gibberish words.

preferred not "i love her/she loves me" lyrics :) although if its interesting enough everything goes.


This is an example of the gibberish i sang:

Verse: (need around 5)

Have u seen my little baby

She is knocking at my door (rhyme)

Have u seen my little honey

Have u seen her on the floor (rhyme)



I got to prove (rhyme1)

Have u seen my little honey (rhyme2)

I got to move (rhyme1)

Na na na na  all my money (rhyme2)


anybody  ?

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Genre Rock & Roll Key A minor BPM 116.0

Collaboration started November 24, 2015 by mwilferd1
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