There's The Boy Contemporary Singer/Songwriter

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There's the boy audition 14032017 Uploaded 3yr+12mo ago by Buttercup

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Buttercup   commented 3yr+12mo ago

Hi Guys, Fabien brought this really cool track to my attention! No problem if it's not what you're looking for. I had fun with it anyway! :)

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Schwefelhard   commented 3yr+12mo ago

Well, guess I start with some comments here :-) First of all a huge thanks to christine for jumping on the project in such an uncomplicated way. Great! To all the project members, I know you might had different plans with the project, so feel free to put all the blame on me you want to. I'll take it :-) However, if there is the one or the other who like christine's work as I do, let us know! My feedback to the track is as follow: -I really like the first part but would like to play a bit around with the sep and change the phrasing so it glues more with Mack's "There's the boy". Not sure if that works, so it would be kind of try and error :-) (Would also change the mix of mack's vocals) -In the middle part I like the sung parts which follow perfectly the increased tension of the song but do not so much like the spoken parts. -The third part is great as is, maybe could be supported or doubled by an additional singer. Mack? What are your thoughts on it? Cheers Fabian


Mack   commented 3yr+12mo ago

Hi guys Thanks Christine, cool you wanted to join in and I think you did great! And Fabian, do whatever you want with my stuff, edit,cut,bend,break its all fine with me, sounds good allready :) I leave the vision of the tune to David but If you need anything from me Fabian just let me know what and were! cheers!


crazymadhouse   commented 3yr+12mo ago

Hi all First of all, thanks for joining Christine. Great job here! The thing about this song, it is one of a number that make up the rock opera "Jeremy" - the idea I had for it was a bunch of children making fun of Jeremy, he is a shy, quiet boy who is being beaten and abused by his father - and his peers think he is strange because of his introverted behaviour. This song, in my head, was a little bit like "Summer Loving" or "Greased Lightning" from Grease... people singing individual lines to make up the full tune. I think that the way you've sung this is great - I think we need to get other singers to replicate it and then chop it up, so that it becomes that idea I had One other thing, I think it will need a bunch more verses to be written. I like the way you've sung to follow the tension, as Fabian said earlier. The alternative, I guess, is to make the song shorter These are just suggestions of course, open to debate!!

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Buttercup   commented 3yr+12mo ago

Hiya, I think it's a great idea to get some different voices in there! And kids voices would be very cool to have! I honestly didn't know what to sing - I just had a crack at it because Fabien asked me to give it a try! I am fine with whatever you decide to do! Here is a link to the dry sep incase you want to play around with it! And if there is anything you want me to add or change, let me know! All the best, Christine :)