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Rap Vocals Uploaded 3yr+10mo ago by Schwefelhard

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Schwefelhard   commented 3yr+10mo ago

Hey Dave, If you still want to give a shot on a rap part, here's an old project i did a couple of years ago. The rapper's name is Matt and i could ask him to help out if you like? then the second question would be about the lyrics, do you or Aimee want to write some additional lines?


crazymadhouse   commented 3yr+10mo ago

Hi Fabian Yes I think this chap would work well, if he is interested. If he is, and he needs them, I will work on some extra lyrics. I think rappers tend to like to write their own sometimes, so let's see what he says first?

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Schwefelhard   commented 3yr+10mo ago

alright, sound's like a good plan. maybe a can mash it up with some of tracy's ideas...