Sorry, We're Breaking Up (Bad Connection) - ecopunk Mix Pop/Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by AbbieSea



ecopunkd mix master Uploaded 4yr+6mo ago by leesharp

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leesharp   commented 4yr+6mo ago

Some backing vocals created from the original just to give you an idea Abbie. All my vocals cleaned up, a few automation tweaks and some mastering effects added. We can take my vocals out if you want to no problem as just me having a play with it.


AbbieSea   commented 4yr+6mo ago

I completely love everything about this. The sweet guitars, the way you add power to the lyrics and vocals while still driving the emotion forward with the instrumentals, I also love the vocals you added in, I really think the song needed some during that guitar break and what you did sounds like a perfect fit to me. It adds another great layer to the song. Just fantastic.

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Skookum   commented 4yr+6mo ago

Oh this is soooo good!! Peter posted this on fb and I LOVE. Fantastic song and excellent arrangement. Fantastic additions you guys! Awesome!!!

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mteasdal   commented 4yr+4mo ago

This is such a great version!

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ecopunk   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Cheers Martin!