The Battle Within - Victim of Quintessence Hard Rock

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Sela vox SECOND HALF Uploaded 4yr+2mo ago by selaperforms

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selaperforms   commented 4yr+2mo ago

Thank you for the patience.. I kinda had huge problem with my tongue twistin hihih.. Verses and end chorus added


shellofme   commented 4yr+2mo ago

Kick Azz!!! Thanks Sela. I totally understand the tongue twister stuff. I had the same issue's. I think most of it will be covered up by the instrument tracks. I'll drop them into my mix soon as I can and we can go from there. Thanks a bunch!!!!! You rock!!!!!!!


shellofme   commented 4yr+2mo ago

Man, my comment sounds kinda harsh as I read it back to myself now. What I meant to say is that a lot of little imperfections within our tracks (we all have them) will be less noticeable once we mix them in with all the other tracks. A lot of magic can happen within the unintentional accidents. You just never know. So, don't sweat the small stuff your tracks are awesome as they always are. I hope I have not offended you with my poor choice of wording:( I can't wait to drop them into the mix!


eLLeJayne   commented 4yr+1mo ago

Beautiful babe x