Mississippi Moon (Where the Old Trains Roll) Alternative Folk

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Mississippi Moon bass and guitar Uploaded 3yr+12mo ago by bagpipe

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bagpipe   commented 3yr+12mo ago

Some bass and tremolo guitar ideas. Guitar starts around 1:25.


lokalloudness   commented 3yr+12mo ago

Derek, Thanks you for the attention! I am new to this site and still trying to figure it out. Is the track you sent a full mix of my track and your parts? Or just the guitar and bass? I know when I listen I hear it all so I am not really sure what to do. I'm not sure if the idea is for people to continue to build on to the track or just add their parts until it is ready to mix them all later lol...but I very much like what you added either way =) John


bagpipe   commented 3yr+12mo ago

John, welcome to the site. That mix is just your guitar and vocal with my bass and guitar added. Usually what happens is that if you like someones mix idea then you request a sep of their part ie just their guitar or piano or whatever. You then take that sep and mix it with your original stuff and post a new mix, which others can subsequently add to. Doesnt always work that way but thats the general route. Derek