Mississippi Moon (Where the Old Trains Roll) Alternative Folk

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Mississippi Moon take 1 drum ideas Uploaded 3yr+12mo ago by tmix

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tmix   commented 3yr+12mo ago

Hey, I had some time today and tried to put down some drum ideas. It is a very nice song. It would be a super sounding song if the parts were recorded against a click, but I realize that is not every ones cup of tea. The timing of the song is pretty loose so it was kind of difficult to play confidently. I did some editing of other tracks to make it flow better. Let me know if you are interested in any of it. if not no pressure. I enjoyed playing to it. LOL


lokalloudness   commented 3yr+12mo ago

Thank you for taking the time! Earlier today I uploaded n updated mix. Might change what you play. As for click...I am very bad at trying to find the right BPM...I refer straight drum beats over clicks...I tried but after a few tries I just went for playing it sans click lol. If you can...please upload the drums alone as a sep...unless you wanna hear the updated mix first and try again...I am no hurry...just enjoying this new type of process...very educational and liberating. John