White Rabbit (a Maj7 Symphony) Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Creative Brief

UPDATE1: ElleJayne is taking care of the lyrics (THANK YOU) and ZankFrappa of the drums (really happy my friend!)

UPDATE2: ElleJayne wrote wonderful lyrics for the song and ZankFrappa + mxavier are working hard on the rhythm section ... we need a lead singer to make this song comes alive!

UPDATE3: Selaperforms accepted the invite for the lead vocal part ... looking forward to it!


Hello Kompozers,

In this composition I matched two passions of my life: maj7 chords and philosophy!

I challenged myself to compose one song using only ?maj7 chords? and this is the result (to be honest here and there I broke the rule but 80% is there :))

The theme for the song that I would like to develop is the ?question? (anyone can guess where the white rabbit is coming from?) ? how the right or wrong questions we ask to others or to ourselves can have an impact on our lives? How a question (more than the answer) can lead our decisions and behaviours?

Just for fun I downloaded some ?movie quotes? (from free samples websites) about ?questions? and I pasted through the whole song (of course this part is going to be deleted, replaced by a real vocal)!


I think that a real drum replacing the awkward logic virtual drummer and a strong bass line are really needed! and of course some inspired lyrics and a cool rock voice to raise this song to a new level!

Open also to receive other ideas for the other instruments (Keys and Guitars)


Anyone interested to continue the challenge? 


If you like to discuss your ideas before recording them send me a message ? 





PS: I have uploaded all the STEMS for the different instruments so you can use what you want to track your parts!


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Genre Prog-Rock/Art Rock BPM 94.0

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