Gone Instrumental

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Creative Brief

Update: Bill is working on the drums/percussion part, ElleJayne is writing a text and Arnaud will help with the Cello and the general production of the piece! really excited about the evolution!


Hello Kompozers,

started as a prog/rock song, it changed direction during the journey! My personal vision is to leave this lightness adding a real cello and some solid drum programming! The title? I don?t know, it?s something that came to my mind and never disappeared :)  


But I am really curious to see how far the global creativity pushed by this wonderful site can come! so I uploaded all the seps and enabled the spin-off for everyone! 
If you like to remix, sing, play or anything else you want please PUSH the spin-off button and enjoy! I will be really happy to support everyone if you need something from my side!  

Have a wonderful 2016 Marco



whole song:
C#m | Asus2 | Cmaj7 | Asus2

Em11 | Gsus2 | Cmaj7 | Gadd9 | Dadd11 | Cmaj7

Additional Information

Genre Instrumental BPM 116.0

Collaboration started February 5, 2016 by karilona007
Last upload 4yr+5mo ago

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Initial Copyright Statement:

Copyright © 2016 by karilona007, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Feb 5, 2016

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The owner has not yet declared how copyright will be shared with the other collaborators.

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karilona007 Ilona Maki
Boston Mass USA
eLLeJayne Rachael Kurz
Ingham Queensland Australia
AloudArt Marco Germani
Milano Italy
xterrabill Bill beamba fictitous
chicago il USA