Megalomaniac Hard Rock

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Creative Brief

Update 1/2018:

Expect a full true racket with drums added.  Someday...

For now I have posted a 4-bar teaser of what the drums could sound like (with me playing)

Note: I have suspended work on this track for now until it can be finished to its full potential. I need to get the right sounds to finish the project properly.

I discovered some shortcomings in my drum trigger setup here in my small mini-studio (if studio even qualifies as a word to describe it).

1) Too cramped, needs to be up against a wall to truly play as a live player.  As it is, all of the shelves shake when I play.  And I can't realistically change the layout at this point so I am stuck trying to piece the drum parts together.

2) I keep hearing roto-toms.  Needs real roto-toms, which no way I can do without getting kicked out of my apartment.  I have not found a sample based roto-tom that does the incredible roto-tom justice.

On the bass .... 

The bass on the verse and in the funk breaks will be a moog played by me.  "The Unknown" John Horne did a great job on the bass but he tracked it before hearing the vocals, so rhythmically his track doesn't line up quite well with the vox.

Stellar job on the bass tho, John where did you go?

On vocals  ....

Some retracking/adding was done that is not posted


General info....

This song is for young tyrants everywhere, who think they know everything, and they invented the world (and it revolves around them...)

Mark (spellcraft) was not too active here at the time of the spinoff but he wanted to make sure I carried this forward.  Thanks Mark!

It's at least 3 different ideas that are put together into a bizarre whole... The piece could really only go in a strange direction after that. I am very happy to be able to spin it off.

It has a lot of great contributions, stay tuned to see how it ends.  Hopefully no-one dies.  

Additional Information

Genre Hard Rock BPM 110.0

Collaboration started February 7, 2016 by xd238
Last upload 2yr+4mo ago

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Copyright © 2016 by xd238, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Feb 7, 2016

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