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Horns Mix 2 Uploaded 9yr+9mo ago by MDK

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MDK   commented 9yr+9mo ago

Reggie, Rob, Mark... you guys amaze me every time I listen to this. You are true masters of your craft.

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markmiller   commented 9yr+9mo ago

Let's not forget our good friend Ettore! Thanks Marty...Love your solo work here. Nice job on everything...this is such a great piece Reggie has given us to play with!

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RGBass   commented 9yr+9mo ago

Great work! gotta love analog musical instruments:)

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MDK   commented 9yr+9mo ago

Doh! How could I forget Ettore? Um... he's not listed as a project member. In any case, he rocks a mean soprano. Beats the heck out of my playing any day.

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ReggieB   commented 9yr+9mo ago

Ettore is reloading his track and will be listed as a project member,Are all of you satisfied with the mix? as soon as Ettore loads up I would like to publish this as long as your all good with it.let me know if there any concerns about anything.


Ettore   commented 9yr+9mo ago

Reggie, a little push up of my soprano volume would be nice, seems a little bit overwhelmed. I'm reloading my sax track, anyway. Sven-Martin, you are a so kindly man and a so good musician, I've listened many works of yours, amazed everytime. Everybody so nice with me, thanks. Ettore

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ReggieB   commented 2yr+8mo ago

7 years ago,I had forgotten about this tune and all of you great and inspirational musicians,This is really a great achievement to do something this complex on Kompoz,I remember when I had just a skeleton frame of this and asking Marty if it would be possible to do a tune like this on lompoc,He took it mapped out the timing put a drum track to it so it would make sense and the rest is history ,Man this is spectacular, thanks to all of you.I haven't been around lately because I'm taking B-3 Lessons from Tony Monaco,if you never heard of him look him up,hes truly a monster and is sharing all his tricks with me, Your friend always Reggie B

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ReggieB   commented 6mo+19dy ago

Thanks to MDK we pulled this off,I'm amazed that this was even possible to do on this site

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markmiller   commented 6mo+19dy ago

Awesome tune Reggie...and a blast to play!

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RGBass   commented 6mo+17dy ago

It was an interesting and fun project! Glad to be on with you lads:) The horns are truly outstanding