Al Jarreau / Michael McDonald 80's style song Soul

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Worth fighting for Mixing Tyroncosmo 07 03 2013 mp3 Compressed Uploaded 5yr+2mo ago by Tyroncosmo1

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Tyroncosmo1   commented 5yr+2mo ago

Hey Folks this is the version mixed with the stem files.Let me know if u like something different.Also have the Flac file and wave which both sounds more clear but i can´t upload them.


WilliamP   commented 5yr+2mo ago

Not bad, Tyroncosmo. I think there's too much reverb/delay on the keys but the rest of the instruments sounds pretty good. Look forward to mix number 2. Thanks. WP.


AudioPickle   commented 5yr+2mo ago

Vocals too loud, can't hear music. Drums and bass a bit muddy. Personally, I like your original mix: "3 files used..." http://