I'll keep coming back to you Contemporary Folk

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Coming Back To You (Elvis mix) Uploaded 4yr+5mo ago by Buttercup

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BrotherRat   commented 4yr+5mo ago

Piano sounds terrific .. robust .. cello too. Acoustic details are clear and nice ... who is that singing??!!! wooha .. drums and string just kicked in .. wow .. love the epic sound. Ahh... but lower the this part 2 db as it (at current db) distracts from your vocal ... battles for my attention. (just a suggestion and only one opinion first impression). I *can* make out all the words (yes!) which is often a fault with many mixes but not this one. Great work Elvis! (who is the singer??? )LOL .. she is GOOD!

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Buttercup   commented 4yr+5mo ago

Thank you so much for your feedback! I always love to read your comments! :)

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liljoe6string   commented 4yr+5mo ago

im w D piano sound is amazing.. sound quality is spot on

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Buttercup   commented 4yr+5mo ago

Aw, you guys are so nice! :) No wonder the piano sounds great - it's uncle Pascal!!! :)

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Pascaloubien   commented 4yr+5mo ago

Aa-Uu, here my 2 cents: 00:37 : maybe one chord piano before mute 01:03 : piano back here ? 01:47 : back vocals ? (ooh, uhh) 02:26 : direct into 02:42 (piano part out) 02:59 : back vocals ? (ooh, uhh) 03:18 : percus more left pan maybe ? Overall sound is very good, big round bass, all clear, nice mix Bravo Elvis !!

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FIGSOUNDS   commented 4yr+5mo ago

I think it sounds Fantastic !!


captainhook   commented 1yr+4mo ago

Beautiful lyrics Dear Buttercup! scotty

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dogbizkits   commented 1yr+4mo ago

Very nice job everyone. Got to love the dynamics and headroom in the mix.