I See It All Again Indie Rock

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I See It All Again - All Artists & Collaborators - Mixdown - mteasdal Uploaded 4yr+4mo ago by mteasdal

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EdsonCastro   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Really enjoyed. :-)


selaperforms   commented 4yr+4mo ago

I like the layering of the BUV very smooth, Great idea to add more meaning to Edson's lyrics. Of History repeating. The intro is awesome!

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NicolaOffidani   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Oh.... Martin, this is beautiful. Excellent use of layers, excellent mixing!!

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mteasdal   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Thanks! ;-) The GTRs are all yours! I distorted some too. ;-)

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EdSilva   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Very well put together. Thank you so much for the addition to this collaboration.