Eastern Promise Worldbeat

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EasternPromise OTW take 3 Uploaded 3yr+10mo ago by offthewall

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offthewall   commented 3yr+10mo ago

Tuning issues this week along with the current change in temperature. Very sensitive instrument. Anyway. Progress being made, although slow, with playing to a steady time. If anyone wants to try some of this sound in a project it needs to be in C.


isotopia   commented 3yr+4mo ago

whats the closest bpm?

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offthewall   commented 3yr+4mo ago

This was worked roughly to a click of 48 at 4/4 although it's not really made for adds. This was really just to document my learning process. You may find this one to be more workable: http://https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/664179 one of the guys tried to put in some synth tabla but the timing is a bit flaky for that to work properly. Thanks for your interest.