I Can Dream Blues-Rock

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Dream ideas Uploaded 4yr+4mo ago by ChamberZ

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ChamberZ   commented 4yr+4mo ago

So just a quick idea here...I didn't really use any effects or anything, figured I'd leave that up to you guys....I used the provided lyrics but I kind of switched them around a little....

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BrotherRat   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Nice to hear you again, Nate. I might have missed a few ... but I bumped into you here. ::)))

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FIGSOUNDS   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Great Vocals Nate !!

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Buttercup   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Superb vocals Nate! Makes me want to hear more! :) I wonder if you should have a mix without my harmonies so that we can sing the chorus together?

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ThirdFloor   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Fantastic vocal Nate and I agree with Christine I would like to hear more of the two of you together. I know that you guys will sound amazing on this. I'll put up a mix without the harmonies as you suggest Christine which may give a little more space on the chorus. Also I wonder if after the guitar solo and before Nate's verse we could try for a slower section where the vocal melody could roughly follow what the chorusy guitar part is playing. This is what I had in mind, with these lyrics as a basis. That would allow for a little bit of pace change which I think would be refreshing. If it's not making things too complicated maybe this section could be a kind of question and answer between you as I have tried to outline below. Christine - But I can dream............ Nate - Yes I can dream you love me Christine - And I can dream............. Nate - You are always thinking of me Christine - And if I never tell you Nate - How much I really love you. Christine & Nate - I think I'll dream my life away I hope this makes sense..... Thank you so much for contributing everybody we are really cooking with this one... Mark


ChamberZ   commented 4yr+4mo ago

Thanks all! I think Christine is doing fine on her own with the chorus, but I can mess around with the track and see if I can work something out....

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dogbizkits   commented 4yr+4mo ago

I like the extended version; the song needed to be lengthened. I'm finding a (sort of) 'disconnect' between the vocal power at the start of the song and where Nate does his solo vocal part. The disconnect isn't anything to do with the editing to make the song longer; that's perfect. It's more to do with Nate's more powerful dynamics coming in that late in the song. It's early days though, but this structure is way better than the original. As things are getting a bit cluttered with mixes, I think I'll do a bit of housekeeping and remove mine as they're not really relevant now.