Lost in the silence NEW VERSION Pop/Rock

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Lost in the silence NEW VERSION (Production and arrangement) Uploaded 4yr+3mo ago by SergeBer

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ESTJdrummer   commented 4yr+3mo ago

but sympathetic character you are! kind to not answer a single line to reject my contribution. added a month ago !! In fact, I thought you were absent from Kompoz but I see with pleasure that sometimes answer, no pity at all. no problem for me. I've forgotten your name.


SergeBer   commented 4yr+3mo ago

Dear Maurizio, I'm very sorry that you think this way, I really was away from Kompoz, and as you can see I was back today to update my song and profile, and to reply to everyone and to you too.


SergeBer   commented 4yr+3mo ago

and if you only gave me few hours to come back from work and reply to you... here's what I wanted to say: Thank you very much for your version, it was very exciting to hear someone records a version from a different place in the world. it was my first time in Kompoz. The reason I was away from Kompoz was because I felt the song I did wasn't complete, and now I connected to put a new version, I did the drums in the computer and re-arranged and re-produced the song. and that's why I didn't wan't to accept all of the versions, because the song is different now.