Together, I Can See Rock & Roll

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had fun writing it...hope ya have fun messing around with it

here are the lyrics and chords...

Together, I Can See

First stop, nothin but bop, everybody's happy

I'm revved up, nothin but net, no ones feelin crappy

make room darlin, I'm comin through, people get bruised

stacks of hundreds, wrappers around em, in that next room

and yes I've got your back, but hey I'm way behind

amp up, with me, together I can see what we will be


Next stop, watchin the clock, run a little faster

my little darlin, purrin at me, above the laughter

its time to roll the dice again, its time to make a stand

stand aside, I'm commin through, we'll do the best we can

together I can see what we will be


Last stop, believe it or not, I'm jumpin higher

ice sickles on my chin, I feel the power

then the guilt trip squad, slew their god, and they blame me

they stumbled up the stairs and through the door, I'm still free

when we're together, I can see

together, what we will be  


Chords...according to ( alternate chord names were also given, if ya want those, let me know ) 

intro/verse 1 --  Esus4add#9add12...   E6sus4   Esus4add#9   F6   G   E5   B5   F6   G   E6sus4

verse 2 -- Esus4add#9add12...   F#m7   Gadd9   C6add9add14omit3   F6    D6add9   C6add9add14omit3   F6   Gadd9   Dadd9

verse 3 -- Esus4add#9add12...   B5   G   E5   B

fade -- B7   B

Additional Information

Genre Rock & Roll BPM 162.0 bass driven

Collaboration started April 17, 2016 by jubal
Last upload 2mo+12dy ago

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Copyright © 2016 by jubal, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Apr 17, 2016

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