Honey Take A Stand Contemporary Country

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Trying again, apologies for awful vocals, just to show where lyrics go Uploaded 3yr+9mo ago by angiekuske

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angiekuske   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Mortified. This is why I'm a lyricist and not a singer, by any stretch of the imagination! But this is just to show where the lyrics should go within the mix. Feel free to play about with the melody, as you can hear, I can't hit the high, or in fact any, notes with ease!! Off to crawl under a stone. The shame. Just about anyone in the world can do a better vocal than me, so Dave, please put me out of my misery by putting your vocals on instead! Thank you!


WilliamP   commented 3yr+9mo ago

It's the only thing left you can do just to show how your idea works. It least now, Dave knows what to do. The things you've got to do in the name of Art.


angiekuske   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Ha ha, yes, how we suffer eh!